Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Interactive Math Journals!

Interactive Math Journals
An interactive math journal is a place where
students record their math work and thinking.

I started doing interactive math journals this year, and the kids and I love them! Below are the reasons I started and ideas I use for our math journals.


I decided to use interactive math journals to incorporate math writing, to differentiate by using open-ended activities, and for student goal setting. It is also a great portfolio-like record of student growth to share with parents. 

Make the journals interactive by including sticky notes, flip books,
foldables, pockets, etc.
Ideas to include in a math journal:
  • Math Vocabulary
  • Record solutions to math problems, along with the strategy
  • Spiral review practice
  • Quick Writes/ Math Prompts – write about math
Personal thoughts:  I love math because…, People who are good at math…
Assess Learning: The most important thing I learned today is…, Today I used math when…
Assess Process: Two ways to solve this problem are…, Another strategy I could have used to solve this problem is…, The most important part of solving this problem is to remember….
  • Math goals – After each unit test, the teacher and student set math goals and record the goals in the math journal
  • Common core standards
  • Common core I can checklists
  • Table of contents

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