Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun with Fish

We have been learning about animals including sea creatures.  We did a great fish writing activity!  The children colored a fish and then wrote describing sentences about their fish.  The also got to write about what their fish like and what their fish would say if they could talk.  Their writing is super cute!

Number Games

Today I taught the children how to play a fun number/strategy game Bump!

The children love this game!
The children play "Bump" with a partner. Each child takes 10 unifix cubes of one color. His/her partner should have a different color. The first child rolls 2 dice and puts a cube on that number. If another player’s marker is on that number BUMP it off. If your marker is on that number, link the cubes together and it freezes that spot. The winner is the player that uses all of his/her markers first!

Below is a link to a the game board provided by Shari Sloane