Monday, February 18, 2013

Letters From Felix-Geography Unit

                  Check out this great geography unit!

The ideas came from a teaching convention I attended several years ago.
Thank you to teachers Susan McIver, Pat Smith and Lynne Poyer the creators of the Felix unit.  It's been a great success!

The story, LETTERS FROM FELIX: A LITTLE RABBIT ON A WORLD TOUR, is the book I use to teach the unit. The story is about an adorable rabbit that gets lost in the airport and ends up traveling all over the world.

Make a paper Felix for each child to send with a letter from Felix to a relative
out of state or even out of the country. In the letter, explain that the children
are learning about geography and would like for them to send a postcard of
their state or country. Include your school's address for the postcards to be
sent back to.

We have a large map of the United States and the World hung in the hallway.  As we receive postcards, we will display them around the maps. 

First, Felix travels to London, England.  

After reading the first part of the story, including the first letter from Felix, the children made a crown and also cut out a double-decker bus with the places Felix visited in London.

Additional Activities:

Each child makes a passport. After studying each country Felix
visits, the children write or draw a picture of that country in their passports.

Suitcase Travel Journal:
The children each have a travel journal and their passport. After studying each country the children write and/or draw important facts about the country in their travel journals, color the country flag and tape a sticker of the country to the outside of their travel journals.


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