Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We started our penguin unit by reading Tacky. Together we completed a story map of the characters, setting, problem and solution. We then read a lot of factual books about penguins and created the penguin tree map. The children made penguins and wrote facts on the penguin's belly.

Pattern Block Snowflakes

In January we always make pattern block snowflakes. It is a good time to talk about patterns and also symmetry. Have the children cut out pattern block shapes from white paper. The children may first design a snowflake using real pattern blocks. It is important to start with the hexagon shape in the middle and then to build on out from the middle. The children then transfer the design to a large blue construction paper circle or blue strips and glue on the white paper pattern blocks.

Polar Bears

This week we are learning about polar bears.  We started the unit by watching Klondike and Snow.  This is a documentary from Denver's Channel Four News about two polar bears that were born at the Denver Zoo and abandoned by their mother.  The kids loved the video.  It is video that was made about 19 years ago.  We did some research and discovered that Snow passed away a few years ago.  We also learned that they had been transferred  a few years after they were born to the Orlando Zoo in Florida. 

After watching the video and reading about polar bears we made a Tree Chart about polar bears.  The children also wrote 2-3 facts on a "paw"  fact recording sheet.

We also did the blubber glove experiment.  This is always a favorite for the kids.   It  helps them to understand how the  layer of blubber beneath a polar bear’s skin really does help it to survive in the Arctic.