Sunday, September 8, 2013

Number Line Squeeze

For Daily 5 Math, I will be introducing a few games each week. 

Number Line Squeeze
To identify a mystery number in as few 
clues as possible.
2 – 4 players 
Player one chooses a number as the mystery number, 
for example,
13, and says “I am thinking of a number between 1 and 30. 
What’s my number?” The other student(s) act as bracket holders 
and covers the numbers 1 and 30. 
The same student (or other student if there are more than 2
players) guesses a number; 15. Player one says, 
“No, my number is smaller than (or less than) 15, 
or 15 is more than (or bigger than or
greater than) my number. The right counter is then 
moved to cover the 15.  Another player guesses 4. The leader says that the mystery 
number is greater than 4. 
The left counter is then moved to 4. Players continue to guess. 
Eventually, the mystery number will be“squeezed” between the colored counters. 
The player who guesses the mystery number becomes the next leader. 

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